Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Stop Believin'...Divine Line-Up #1005

Hi, Fellow Love Children!!!!!
As promised, I wanted to show you a grahoovin' "GET BACK" experience I had when I went home to close up my place.  A good friend of mine picked me up one sunny day around noon, and told me that a surprise was in store!!!!! She is one of my dedicated blog followers of this "Get Back" adventure.  I love surprises so I happily jumped in her brand new shiny red car and she took me to a place I never even dreamed existed!!! Right there in my small little town that I grew up in....!  Well, what she turned me onto was EVERY hippie chic, tree huggin',  girls dream!!!!!!! A TREE HOUSE!  Ahhhhhhh...She had her bag full of fresh, healthy food and lunch was being served to me, in a most groovin' of groovin' tree houses !!! We climbed up into the tree house and opened the windows and made our magic mark on the wall..!! It was quite a moment for me to sit there in the town that I grew up in just blocks away from where I brought my only son home from the hospital... some 37 years ago, eating salad in a tree house with one of the most creative woman I know! Whew! Long sentence! Whoa! Now to top it off .......blow me away just a bit more...the man that owns the tree house threw a very long extension cord in the  bucket below and told Angie to heist it up so we could listen to some tunes, while we ate! Guess what song came on....So apropos for this journey of mine, to get back to freedom, peace, happiness, joy and a reinvention of myself and a true GET BACK song!!!...Here it is...and it is by Journey!!!!  
                                                         Holy flippin' Hippie!
It was definitely a magical drop down from "The Get Back Powers that Be!"  I never could have thought up something as Magical and Divine as thisll!  

So here you go - This is the Tree house!
What a Beauty!   See the Bucket!

So there you go! What a day it was and "Thank You Girlfriend" for giving me this "Get Back" experience..!  What is amazing and wonderful to me ....is that we are really like that tree...we start out small and sparse, yet in time, if given love, water, sunshine and an environment that supports our growth, we can become a beautiful, powerful presence.! All those elements make us what we are and if we missed any of those along the way, well, it is up to us to give it back to ourselves.. Get into your own divine line-up (s)...by getting back to what you love my friends !  The magic bus will move in and take you away...OR BACK! Whatever the case may be!!! So for now, I leave my hometown and I " get back" to a place I loved and moved to with that NEW son, who was almost two in 1976, some 35 years ago.PORTLAND, OREGON..Yes, We lived in a commune for awhile..one with a spiritual bend...Truly an environment that nourished and fed my soul. ..full of trees, water, sunshine, mountains and well people that were genuine and furthered a calling, I feel. So now that I have all the art supplies boxed and ready to ship... I will get on that big jet-aira-liner and head my ass back to Oregon and begin to work on my new creation-station...and GET BACK to WHAT I LOVE- MAKING ART, WRITING and PHOT0GRAPHY!!!! See you on the flip side for the JULY 15th Blogging Party..

Lot's of work ahead of me.
Designing my Studio
Organizing My Art
Listening to Steve Miller Band.
I just hate that!


Peace, Love and Tree's!
                               Signed, Old Hippie Chic

P.S. Now if I meet a gent from Houston that will really put the flower in the gun.

We all remember this now don't we?


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