Thursday, July 14, 2011

Check Out My Creation-Station in Portlandia!!


Hey There!!! Thanks for stoppin' by my Pad!!!!!
Thanks Karen Valentine for creating this "Where Blogger's Create" Party! This is the third one and I dig seeing your spaces too..So while I do that, you snoop around mine and .....
 Being the bright, beautiful, peace-lovin blogger that I assume YOU ARE, I encourage you to have some FUN today!!!!! 

YEAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So take your shoes off, look up....
 and click on the music and dance your way through my blog
with the fabulous... E.L.O!!!!!

Click to listen!

Oh yes!!!.... and hop into the Magic Bus while you are at it!

In the back of the bus you will notice I have gathered a groovy collection of things from my "Blast From The Past" Store for you to wear while you "Journey into the Center of my Blogging Mind! "  Pick out what FREE's your bohemian butterfly spirit and let's rock and roll to see my latest RE-DO!...Hurry!!!! 

  Hat's Perhaps??
T-shirts ?
Flowing Skirts ?
Crazy Shoes ?
 Hippy boots?

an OLD Beatles album ?

Then again, how 'bout a bag to put it all in?

Peace and Love Man!!!!!

So now that you are dressed and ready, HOP ON!!!!! and let's watch, as the Magic Bus takes us to the place I hang my own crazy hat ... IN Portlandia!!!!!  
 I want to show you my Indiana loft where I have lived for the last year and a half and the MESS of ART STUFF that I had to pack! 

and more...

I decided to box it all in flat rate boxes and ship them to my new Creation-Station in  "The Port" .
 Right Cheer!

CHECK OUT THOSE flowers in the front A BIT CLOSER!!!

So that my far-out friends is where I am currently living! Groove? 
NOW let me show you my Creation-Station! 


I will snip-snap away for you and show you how I changed the place up!

All those flat rate boxes arrived and I unpacked them and threw them in the closet! Dig That!
Ahhhhh..Not so much.

Then I decide to get organized for this PARTAY and came up with a tagging system for Meeee-self!

Click Here

 Then I got busy getting the "Art Closet" organized!

Purchased 7 fabric box's for $6 at Walmart
Total $42


Let's go where the Magic Happens!!!

The Before Look of the Art Studio.

 I decided to move the sofa on the other side of the room and put the desk on this side!

Here you go!!!

Bought the art above the desk and the plates and paint holders $33
Window Treatments $23
Leather Shrug Rug $16

All purchased at Good Will and Home Depo!

This is what the desk looked like before I moved it across the room.

As you can see, I moved the sofa where the desk used to be! Need to lower that guppy I can clearly see!

Fish Art  $24
Pillows (all) $20
Black Scarf $5
Lamp $24 
Sticks $8

All purchased at Consignment stores and Goodwill.

This side of the wall I just straightened and cleaned up the bookcases and also bought some used items carrying the 
" India Modern " Vibe that I was trying to go for!


Total $45

$8 Box (The Top)


So There It Is!!! 
Total $ Spent on my Creation-Station?

About $250

Now I invite you to come out in the back yard and have some

.... some Arty Food~!

and perhaps break some bread with me and John 

and if you still feel like snooping around my pad you can....

Arrow back to learn more about my new business~ RE-imagine That!

and if you don't want to do any of that then just take a jouney to the center of your mind!!!




Signed, Old Hippy Chic


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