About "The Get Back Experiment"

A pretty groovy Bliss Bus!

Good Morning to YOU!! Grooviness Abounds.
Yesssss! What we have here are bloggings, loggings, whatever it is called these days... of two old hippie chic's search to get back to where they once belonged. That be US

  We are on a quest to get back the treasured things we have lost, forgotten about, given away, ruined, sold, pawned or replaced with something that was out of alignment with our bohemian butterfly spirit!. These things are not only of a physical nature but practices, habits and thoughts that produce GROOVEY FEELINGS of joy. 

We will be bla bla logging to you about the synchronistic events that line up to bring us this best life,  WE will relate the experiences through stories, photographs, perhaps a song and dance, hell, we don’t know...We are just going to let it all roll.... as it is intended to….wide open, surrendering and applying what principles we believe in…LOVE~ PEACE~ Compassion and JOY.... Our deepest intention with this " Experiment" is to reveal just how pertinent and powerful our lives can be when we learn to follow our hearts, be in the moment, come from LOVE and not FEAR and flow our energy correctly, seeing ourselves as “deliberate creators” and EMBRACE and not RESIST..what is happening RIGHT- HERE, RIGHT NOW…Sure it can bring “stuff” but most importantly we believe, it can bring us magic, miracles and light to some very dark places with-in..We leave you with this thought…God, Source, LOA, Spirit, whatever your “ Verbage of Containment ” is…. Has Our Back…….if we will but decide to “Get Back” to where we once belonged. 
Hey Joe Joe!!!!!!!   What a ya say?    Let’s see if this stuff really works, K ?  Sweet Loretta, you wanna join in too?  Ready...Set.... Turn the music up and lets move it all to a vibe of joy, freedom, power, love, peace, and authenticity...It is a quest of a different kind. It is our quest. It may be yours too if you are as crazy as we are!
                                                  Peace and love and stuff,
                                                    K and C!

P.S.  If you have a magical story you want to share with us, questions, art, ideas or anything that gets dumped into your beautiful brain- do share!  Email us @…….  getbackyourpower@gmail.com


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