Monday, November 29, 2010

 This was the way it looked outside as I left my hotel to head across country for Oregon at 3 a.m. in the morning! Fresh Snow Everywhere. 1000 miles ahead...The guy that helped me load my bags in my car said  " Please be careful." Little did I know how important his wish for me was! Another sign.

Yesterday was an incredible experience! I was faced with surmountable challenges.
Notice, I did not say insurmountable. I am growing with this belief business. The snow and wind coming across Idaho was OUT OF FREAKIN CONTROL!!!! 
The roads were ice and snow covered and they closed 84 due to a huge car accident with a large pile up. The timing was perfect, as far as, me leaving at the time I did.  I was not in the pile. Dig that. I had to back track over 200 miles to take another route due to the fact that, that part of 84 would be closed for 24 hours! That 200 mile journey was fraught with more snow, ice, wind and cold, cold temperatures. My little car 'kept puttering along, as I am driving 35 miles an hour with the snow from the snow plows blowing into my face........ making it impossible to see. I was thinking it might be best to pull into a hotel and wait it out. I KNEW AT A DEEPER LEVEL- I was safe. The Universe has my back in all things and ALL IS WELL. I six-sense-or-eed..NO DANGER AHEAD!
Yes, most would say I am crazy and I am.
YEssssssss.....I wanted to keep moving!!!!!
A little later I thought about something else!
In my second to last post I said......"I would like to GET BACK my methodical, dependable self, but I think I lost her in all my travels...I am not sure the two even mix with a lifestyle that has me putting myself out there for divine intervention to do it's number on me"....WELL!! DID I GET IT BACK or WHAT!?????
Hey, Let's give her a hell of a storm and then she can see she IS, who she thinks she is NOT!!

It took both to GET ME HERE.

I stayed with the plan despite all the obstacles.
So the experiment continues.
Magic Happens.
Hey have you read that book called Magic or something by Wayne Dyer? An Oldie.
Me neither.
So with that thought in mind..
Where have you pinned yourself in a corner saying you WERE NOT THIS - OR THAT?
Watch how the Universe, God, Source will show you otherwise, watch for the SIGNS!!!!
So yesterday I got back to the truth if who I am.
Methodical and Consistent. 

Who Knew?

Thanks Kathy for reminding me of this, as well. Thanks Pam for talking me through the storm. I will never forget it! I find it comforting and I am extreemly grateful to know I have traveled all these miles and have had -not one single car problem, felt safe in every hotel and have seen - not one shady character. I also have met some of the nicest, helpful people. It is all good. Oh yes, almost forgot...  THANK YOU JESUS and Vogue Magazine.!!!!!

-Now for the current update-
It's 8:29 am
  I have driven about 3600 miles in the last two weeks and I am almost to Portland!!
YEAH!!!!!!!!! 200 miles to go! I will leave in about an hour!
I am in a happy hotel called the ALWAYS WELCOME INN!

Peace, Love,and REALIZATION into finding out we ARE, what we thought we were NOT.
Old Hippy Chic

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Holiday Season....I was given this sign.

Another sign.
They are everywhere.
We gotta wake up to the magic! 

Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs...Revealing strong messages to us..Always.

I see signs all the time in my travels and I really dig signs..I think they are fun messages that we get along the path that may or may not reveal to us things we need to know or at least think about.  Sometimes it may be an animal crossing our path. An actual sign. It may even, as I said in my last post.. WORDS from someone that we KNOW were meant for us!

 One of the places I stopped to chat with some folks yesterday..had a sign sitting on the counter that said. 
I shit you not. No the sign did not say that it said...

You are Lucky..Especially over there.
.(they probably got it from a casino or something) but for me, it meant..
I am lucky and will be especially lucky OVER THERE...
the sign was facing...WEST! The direction I was headed so we will see now won't we?

Signs, Signs. Everywhere are signs.

Sooo.......when I hopped in my car, after reading that sign, I got me a pen and paper and I made up my own little sign.
it read..,,,,
Thank you Lord for thinkin' bout me, I alive and doin' fine. Signs, Signs, everywhere are signs, blockin up the scenery, breakin my mind..

Look for signs today - what are they revealing to you!??? Then share, won't you?

Peace, Love and Signs,
Old Hippy Chic

Headed to Portland!

I am looking at the clock and it says 11:30...PM. I have slept for about 6 hours or less and I am WIDE AWAKE in my hotel room. I have about 11 hours of driving ahead of me. Those eleven hours will give me entry into my new GET BACK OREGON!!! Yeah! I do not know what the future holds but I know this....I got out of bed, decided I would listen to some peaceful music and what do you suppose was on the TV? My all time favorite la cirque du soleil in Vegas!!! I have seen it twice and plan to see it again with my kids at Christmas!!! Beatles LOVE! and what song do you think was playing when I turned to the station?


It just doesn't stop!

So here is a youtube clip that tells you about a this wonderful show that 
Brush up on your french!

So in getting back to what I love, I now will pack it up - put my ear muffs on ( it's cold) get in the car and move it to Oregon!
I lived in a commune in Oregon when I was 19.
I loved it there, but left to follow my hippy husbands dream.
34 years later I return!
I am getting back to where I once belonged!
I will play the Beatles soundtrack all the way there.
Can't wait to share with you the magic that is ahead!
Have a peaceful day today and BE LOVE..
It's all we need.
Peace, Love and Communal Living,
Old Hippy Chic

P.S. I want to thank all of you who have purchased the Power Balance Bracelets!
The sales of these are helping FUND this project and YOU are APPRECIATED!
I hope you are getting your power back.
We have three new people that are now selling these as well!
Angels Indeed Fund is Building! Yeah!
Please send me names of anyone in need of food or something..during the holiday season.
We have $100 in Angels Indeed account to give an undercover, random act of kindness to someone in dire straights...what is dire straights anyway? These words fly out of my mouth sometimes and I am not even sure where they came from.


 Thank You for your interest in Angels InDEED.
 I am now beginning to launch a non-profit organization called "Angels InDEED".  I will be matching Angels (good samaritans who wish to deliver anonymous random deeds of  kindness) to those in need.
All comments , ideas etc, are WELCOME! Please email me or post a comment!

Our Mission:  To return to others in need, the love and blessings we receive from our Source, and to do so with motives that are pure and selfless.

 Our MBoldotto:  Do for others as our Source has done for us.

Undercover Angels:  Our Angels will have many options of ways to help, which might include (but certainly are not limited to) the following:

*  Angels willing to write letters of support and encouragement to those who are in physical or emotional pain

*  Angels willing to spend an hour with someone who is lonely

*  Angels who can collect needed clothing or goods desperately needed by someone hurting financially

*  Angels who will spend time finding those in need, who will e-mail us the details of someone needing an angel

*  Angels who are too busy to personally donate time, but who wish to make a financial contribution to purchase necessities for those in need.

Receiver's in Need of Angels InDEED:

*  Those who have lost their faith in humanity, or faith in the Divine

*  Those who due to no fault of their own, cannot meet the basic needs of their children or families

*  Those who are lonely and need to know someone cares about them

*  Those who have experienced a loss or trauma that is causing them pain or grief  and other needs too numerous to mention

The needs will come in many forms.  The "deeds" will be done anonymously when possible, so as not to be traceable back to "Angels InDEED" or to any Angel.
 We hope recipients will feel that their blessings miraculously fell into their laps from Source (and they did!),  in their hour of need.

Our Promises:  Angels InDEED makes the following promises to all Angels:

*  If you volunteer for any good deed (time, deeds, money), we will never solicit our Angels for additional help.  You will not ever have to regret volunteering help by being hounded to help again.  You will only be contacted when you ask us to contact you.

*  Angels InDEED will never, ever give your name, address, telephone number or any other information about you to anyone else--not to other non-profits, not to recipients of the good deeds.  Again our mission is for our angels to remain anonymous so that there can be no doubt that our angels motives are to show others the love our Source has shown us, and not for any other motives.

If you are interested in becoming an Undercover Angel or helping support the Angels InDEED network with advice, insights, etc., or the purchase of a powerbalance bracelet please contact me at:
Information about the bracelets  Scroll down to my very first blog posting or go to THE BLAST FROM THE PAST STORE. GROOVEY?

Jesus Christ and Vogue Magazine

Sometimes we get insight into who we really are and how we tick by what others say to us about themselves.....! I have always been what I call a DEEP VIEWER....If it is a movie, a book, an experience...I always look for the underlying message..the depth that is there, covered up by the apparent, the obvious.... At times in life I have had someone tell me a story about themselves or say a one liner and my mind will immediately shift to a thought that says..."there is a message in this for me, I must listen up! "  Here is a story that gave me some real insight into my " GETTING BACK " goes....

Old Hippy Chic has spent the last week with her old mother in Las Vegas. My father used to call it Lost Wages. I think the title is fitting, although lot's of money has been made there, especially by him. He passed away five years ago and I miss him...He was a different kind of a dude and gambler. He played craps and would go into a casino called, The Suncoast and play until he was up $50 and then leave. I asked him why he didn't try to win more and he said this. "Old Hippy Chic, ( not really!! hahahaha ) I come here and make my $50 and leave, but I do it consistently and this gives your mother and I money for our food and gas for the day. I figure taking a bit away from them all week long is easier on me and them..I very rarely lose with this plan." I thought that was an interesting way to gamble. He also said this about life. 

" Figure out what you LOVE to do and then work the hell out of it and you will be successful. " 

He was very methodical, dependable and reliable. What he said he was going to do, he did. I like that! I would like to " GET BACK "  my methodical, dependable self, but I think I lost her in all my travels...I am not sure the two even mix with a lifestyle that has me putting myself out there for divine intervention to do it's number on me...but it may!. It is just enough methodical-ness that I am even still writing in this blog. It was not in the plan to blog last week as mother didn't have internet.. Oh, and get this!! Once again I did write to you about the story of Black Beauty (My Nikon Camera) and the~ Minneapolis Airport Experience~ that actually sparked the idea for this blog, but lost the whole thing AGAIN!  I decided I am not going to even entertain the "why's of that. I will just "know" that it is part of a whole plan I am not aware of - always is- it seems..(sigh). Well, back to my old mom..yep, she is old. Ninety-two and we had a week of fun together. The second  day I was there,...she had me laughing so hard I fell on the floor. Seriously. It goes like this..The day before, I bought her her a lamp that she wanted, that I needed to be put together..I walked in her room to talk of the plan for the day and I could tell she was excited over the prospect of having a new lamp at her sitting station..She began to tell me where she was going to place it and thought the colors would be perfect matching the drapes and chair etc...!! Her eyes were lighting up!!! I said " Mom, amazing what a little design will do for you!!! Your on fire!!! She looked at me very serious and said, Cynthia, there is something you need to know about me. I said " what? ", thinking to myself, "Oh boy, here we go".. then she says,

" I am a two dimensional being. I love Jesus Christ and Vogue Magazine..."

Well, the next thing I know I was picking myself off the floor...Too funny.. My parents were both characters and the reason I am telling you all this is becau as I look deeper into these two messages from the two people that made me, I realized something...I love Jesus and Vogue Magazine too..and I will take dads' advise and combine art with spirituality and work the hell out of it...! Where is that damn easy button? was all a real "getting back" moment for me in recalling these two messages and I tell you because SOMETIMES WHEN WE ARE SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS to our BIGGEST QUESTIONS they come out of the someone else's mouth.. Listen to everything! You never know!

Ok, So have a "get back" experience today will ya? Share with me your stories of insight- Please?
Peace, Love and Methodical-ness,
Old Hippy Chic

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting Back to Loving Pretty Food!



I ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon called Renalolen, Maipo Valley, Chile

JUST Marvey.

Then I ordered this WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL appetizer !!
Truffle potato's, red wine, all in a potato cylinder!

It was a pleasant experience all the way around.
My waitress even said .....

YES.......she said,

And baby that is what I am truely doin'!!!!!!!
2700 miles and counting!

I feel this way. I love to eat at places that are not a chain.
It makes me feel like less of a ball.
How 'bout you?

Peace, Love and Pretty Food,
Old Hippy Chic

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where's My Easy Button!!!

Easy Street Hotel is what I might call this story- here goes, ignore my mistakes..
Don’t you love it when they leave the lights on for you?
The 2nd time I was in Portland with my son, which was in April of this year,  he found us a place to stay called America’s Best Quality Inn and Suites for a ridiculously low price. The place was a two bedroom apartment for like $39 a night. Kitchen, laundry, breakfast, pool, hot tub, wireless, everything!!!! The business card to this place showed up in the easy way…. before I took off on this trip. I tucked it away and then actually forgot where  the tuckage took place.  You see…this is the deal..I get divine help, but I don’t always know where I put it, and I lose the things I am given….probably because sometimes they come so easily that I may subconsciously think they will just show up again when needed..well, interestingly enough is a story for you about getting something back and pure proof that Source, God, Universe-whatever your verbage of containment is…had MY BACK…,,,Ah ha! Now we are seeing why I would create a blog called GET BACK..….Anyway I took the card showing up as a sign to stay at these hotels in my upcoming travels. When I was FINALLY on the road, I forgot the whole thing completely and was tired and had resorted to Hotel 6 mentality. That is where I stayed the first night and no, they did not leave the flippin' lights on for me, but I was to damn tired to care…the next day, I was pulling up to a gas station in Lincoln, Nebraska and BIG AS LIFE was a hotel calling my name…it said America’s Quality Inn and Suites! I am looking in my car for my big red easy button, because I had forgotten and the universe had MY BACK once again on this..Not ready to stop, but wanting a list of their hotels, I went in and was given the list.  Nope, the area I was thinking of stopping for the night, did not have one. Oh well! I asked her if I could just double check on their hotel computer to be sure and she said “yes” I sat down and goggled it! It came up, great and it was $39 a night!!! I told her and she informed me that America’s Best Inn’s and Suites had no affiliation with them. Well, now I am thinking maybe that one in Portland was lacking the word quality and this was the one I was actually looking for. I asked her how much her suites were per night and she said $60…I said Oh, OK.  ( I thought to myself…I want $39!!!! ) This is my script and $39 is my price.. I left, got in my car and thought..that’s the one I want but, I am tired of this and I will look it up when I get to there..I didn’t even grab the phone number from the website…hell, for all that matters I may want to pitch my tent….too confusing..amazing what a small word like quality or lack thereof can do to my brain. … So I am heading down the road, seeing for miles and miles and miles and miles listening to some really great rock and roll tunes between Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming and I decide I am ready to lay it down for the night. I take the exit and begin to head into town and see many hotels in the distance.and there is the Motel 6 sign - yeah!!...Lookin for the light!! I had forgotten once again about that Quailty Inn business !!!!! Wow! Well, this is what happened next and it is true!!!..I was in a lane that veered to the right and took me off on this crazy path under a overpass and dumped me off on a dark street…great! Kinda freaky now, do I turn right or left? I say right so, right it is!!! BAM!!! On my right there is this sign staring me square in the face, guess what it says….

AMERICA’S BEST INNS and SUITES….NO FREAKIN WAY.!!!! I whip in there while saying outloud…OMG thank you!! Pull in to the circular driveway, walk in and say!!! WOW! Funny how I found you! Tell the dude my story, his name is Lee and he sets me up with a place right by the office,  ground level, queen four poster bed and my car is parked right outside my right there for my viewing pleasure.AND- $49 !!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!  OH and guess what!  THE LIGHT WAS ON IN THE ROOM!!!!!  Yeah!!! Now this my friend, is what I am talking about when I say, when we get in the flow, open our valve the universe, god, source will have our back. Get out of our way and stop RESISTING what is~~~So as I toddled into La La land with all the good vibrations around me I asked myself  "What did I do that helped aid it’s deliverance?"….this is what I came up with. I took lot’s of great pictures yesterday, hanging my camera out the window. I listened to great music for hours. I didn’t shame myself for eating whatever I wanted. I listened to some inspirational Cd’s from the “You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay”  conference that I went to years ago. I was singing and FEELING SO GOOD- All Day!!! HIGH VIBEN!!! I will have to admit I also was dealing with ole “Lefty” brain battle voice that I finally let go of and lefty does this to me... keeps wanting to figure out where I was going to sleep…..kept giving me a list of requirements for the room and hotel. Like price, location, size, amenities etc. FEAR would sneak in…like what if I can’t find one..stupid stuff. Keeps givin me hell because I am such a space cadet. I kept listening to that babble and I finally said- STOP!!! Enough! Cease, Hold and Assist or is that Desist???
I don’t know, but WHATEVER!!! …I don’t need to feel guilty because I walked out of that hotel and didn’t scratch that number down. I also refuse to feel like a loser because I suffer from misplaced tukage disorder!!!! “I will end up staying in the perfect location and it will have everything I need..if it is missing a few of the things I think I need then it will have something else I didn’t think of!!!!”  Yes, I  MUST overlay the contradictory thought with WHAT I WANT!! I realize how lefty wears me out and I just tell myself " I will be led to the right place." AMEN…now back to listening to THE WHO.   I had to say this repeatedly, as the voice of reason would not leave me know, So I stayed in my bliss and not only was I led to a great was the place I wanted to be…So the experiment continues and I would say it is working out quite nicely! Wouldn’t you? I GOT BACK the hotel that I wanted to stay in, yet lost the card and info twice...! This experiement is showing me something VERY IMPORTANT ALSO!!   When we just stay in our high vibe - that is the space- vibrational place that the delivery, easy delivery, of what we want can be delivered to us...Can’t wait to see what is next…!!!!!! I want to hear your stories about letting it go and having it boom- a – rang back to you!!!!! Please? Til next time..
                                                    Peace, Love and Quality.
                                                    The Windy Hippy Princess                 

PS. I know this is long and I need an editor ….NEXT!
Ps.s. That was easy.

Up In the Clouds!!

This is some beauty the universe bestowed upon me as I was driving across Montana!
So many blessings.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Break Open-Be Free- Get Back to who you were meant to be...

Good Morning! The “get back” experiment is well underway! I drove about 10 hours yesterday leaving at noon from “ The Tuck”!! THE "Get Back" moment I had yesterday was  this absolutely beautiful OPENING in the sky. I listened and felt the message it was giving me and it was this..

Break open.
Be free.
Begin to express who you really want to be.
It's really quite easy.
Just stop trying to make it into what you think it should be.

So I was given a place yesterday in my heart that took me once again ….back to nature and the BEAUTY! Again my photography joy was calling my name…it was perfect too..why? When I finished loading my car, I layed my big camera, (I will call her “Black Beauty”) right beside my seat..A part of me knew I would be seeing something incredible. I promise I will be posting soon my story about how I met “ Black Beauty” and that Minneapolis airport “get back”  divine line-up. For now enjoy!!! I am pushing off once is 4:30 am on Monday and we will see what “get back” experience's today brings! Hope you are getting to experience your joy!!! If not, put it on the list! Peace and Love Man!
                                                                       Just and old hippie chic!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

BACK in the Flow!!

Finally it is back!!! Yep all I needed was more sleep and now I am tuning up the energy fork...bringing it up a few notches! Getting excited to push off today!  Yeaah!!!!! I will keep you posted as to all the perfect line ups that are just waiting for my arrival..!
What are you creating today??
Script it!!

Saying "yes" to not being in the freakin flow....just not ready to go...

Yes...the truth is I woke up at 1:30 this morning. It is 3:39. I played around on facebook, had high plans to load up the car and go,,found this video on Tony Arnoold's FB page - and I decided I am not really in the freakin flow..I am tired, restless and in resistance to taking off now. In fact I have been in a lot of resistance to taking off on this trip...I am deciding I do not have to know why or try to FIGURE it out,,,,I think I will try to sleep some more and maybe I will have a better feel on this later. I feel "Off" I am going to say "Yes" to that feeling instead making myself do something I am not in the mood to get in my car and drive 2000 miles. I am sure there is a good reason, I just don't know what it is right now. Later.

Oh and another thing...I wrote about a "Get Back" experience I had that started this whole project,,,,,at the airport in Minneapolis about 6 weeks ago and it was a long story...for you. I went into my documents to retrieve it, only to find that I had had not saved it after I wrote it..nice!

I think I would like to throw a hissy fit. Seriously.
Oh and another thing, It took me a long time to write it.
I guess some things are not meant to be. I will try to delete my need to know why.
Still piss' me off.
Oh and another thing, Candie and I made a video for the blog and I went to download it in here this morning also and it wouldn't download....I will just say this...
Only place I am " gettin back" to now is La La Land and see if I can move this lower frequency I got goin' on.....up a few notches.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Good Morning to YOU!! Grooviness Abounds.
Yesssss! What we have here are bloggings, loggings, whatever it is called these days... of an old hippie chic's search to get back to where she once belonged. That be me. I have had a idea in my head that WILL NOT leave me came to me while I was working a festival, this fall...each day as I would set out in my car to get to our booth, I was always greeted by the most beautiful sunrises...!!!!!!  A wake-up call of this kind, coupled with what I will call  "THE GET BACK EXPERIMENT IDEA" was grabbing my attention each day! It consists of this..Oh by the way,..... let me clue you in..I am into peace, love and oneness, but I am also into the a belief that says I am the creator of my reality...all that is in MY world. So I have been trying for 40 years to figure out how to "BE IT" so I could "SEE IT"...This process of "being it" has led me into some pretty crazy places, but the one that grabbed my attention the most is a lttle thing called "The Law of Attraction"...Aka LOA..stumbling upon this gem of knowledge I realized I had, had it a bit twisted up...I needed to SEE IT Lennon said" IMAGINE IT"...and then I would "BE IT"!!!!.So this is what these bla..bla loggings will be about!!!!   If you are not familiar with the law of attraction I will give you a quickie. Basically... "That which is likened to itself the same will be drawn to it" - that was a little rough o.k.... how ' bout this..Ahhh..."thoughts, words and deeds which produce feelings..... are like magnents drawing to them,  more of the same"  ( you know the routine ) here goes ..The GET BACK EXPERIMENT!!!!! Follow me as I test the powers that be to deliver –BACK TO ME-  the things I loved and gave me joy. Pretty freakin’ simple. Kinda Groovy, maybe?
 The “Get Back” Experiment

I am on a quest to get back the treasured things I have lost, forgot about, given away, ruined, sold, pawned or or pitched to the wind.,. These things are not only of a physical nature but things that gave me feelings of joy, things I loved to do and habits that made me happy!.
I'm 53 now and I have decided it is high time I get happy...oh and I also need a new life. This “ Get Back” business all started with an experience I had in an airport in Minneapolis which I will share in my next posting…anyway..In looking at why I did this- ”- I have decided it was either because I deemed myself unworthy or I was too busy BUYING my stairway to heaven, perhaps both.  I also think I was taking myself repetitively and frequently down a journey of the opposite to help me define the “ I don’t wants” of life, so I could get right down to the business of the “ I  really wants ” and who the hell I really am.  Contrast is the best teacher I have come to believe, even though it is a bitch at times…anywho!!!! A little thing called the law-of-attraction, source, God,…. is what I am calling upon to deliver this to me. I will be traveling across country…toward the western sky, by car, plane and god only knows what other means of transport…. and will be bla bla logging to you about the synchronistic events that line up to bring me this best life,  (if I can keep my “valve” open, my energy flowing and say “YES” to WHAT IS.) … I will relate the experiences through stories, photographs, perhaps a song, .....  I don’t know...I am just going to let it all roll, as it is intended to….wide open, surrendering and applying what principles I believe in….There is something though....I will tell you that I do know…As I seek out the things that give me joy, ....ask  “source”  to deliver them to me in a fashion that is best for me, I know I must say  “yes”  to the experiences that are presenting themselves to me and not try to control outcomes or just sit in a vibe of resistance,,,,automatic valve closer..I must also keep my eye focused on love and allowance. When that fearful voice of doubt invades the lonely spaces in my brain I will gently guide her into trusting in this  “GETTING BACK EXPERIMENT”.  My deepest intention is to reveal just how pertinent and powerful our lives can be when we learn to flow our energy correctly, see ourselves as “deliberate creators” and EMBRACE  what is happening RIGHT- HERE, RIGHT NOW…Sure it can bring “stuff” but most importantly to me, I believe, it can bring us healing, miracles and light to some very dark places with-in...Oh well,  as I pack for this journey I leave you with this thought…God, Source, LOA, Spirit, whatever your “verbage of containment” is…. Has Our Back…….if we will but decide to “Get Back” to where we once belonged. Hey Joe Joe!!!!!!!   What da ya say?    Let’s see if this stuff really works, K ?  Sweet Loretta, you wanna join in too?  Ready - Set- Turn the music up and lets move it all to a vibe of joy, freedom, power, love, peace, and authenticity...It is a quest of a different kind. It is my quest. It may be yours too.
                                                  Peace and love and stuff,
                                                    Just an Old Hippie Chic

P.S.  If you have a magical story you want to share with me, questions, art, ideas or anything that gets dumped into your beautiful brain- do share!  Email me @…….

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