Thursday, December 22, 2011

Get Back To The Love Bus this Christmas!~~~~~~~!~~~~~!

Hello Fellow Hipsters!!!!!
Wow. Wow. Wow. Long time since this old hippie chic has written a post !!!!! Got a little side tracked! Oh well, back on it now! Want to share this little gem of a quote. Written by one of my favorite authors..Julia Rogers Hamrick! Hope you dig it and have a grahooven' Christmas and New Years~!

Love accepts. Fear rejects. Love embraces, Fear pushes away. Love allows. Fear resists. Love Includes. Fear excludes. Choose Love.--- Julia Rogers Hamrick

Want to turn you onto some of Julia's Gems of Wisdom!


Peace and Love!!!

Want to here some good Tunes?
Listen to the Kink!!!

Portlandia Kink Radio!!!! DIG THIS!

Love and Peace,

                          Signed, Old Hippie Chic

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