Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Signs are Finding Me!!

Sweet messages from the Universe!!! 
Found ME in Downtown Seattle!!!
Took a little time to head into downtown Seattle with my friend Kelle and we found more signs! Great messages are everywhere! Enjoy!~
Christmas Night Lights
Kelle on the "Quest for Inspiration"
In-Store Greeter-" Bambi"
Cousin "Rude" on the wall
-Hangin' Out-
Back on the streets I find these!!!!!

Soooooo....there you go!!!  Seems the word on the street for me is....
SHARE your stories.....
Dance through life a little easier by...
Loving the Present Moment
Embracing WHAT IS...
and this may possibly bring a bit more...

Spread some love today and BREATHE!!!!!!


Headed now to Portland ...My job is over here and we are all move to our next location.. ........Packing up the Stuff..!
Turns out, as I was headed here from Vegas, I ran into that bad weather, in the Oregon mountains..I had plans to get there and  drop off ALL MY STUFF.... that I brought, to move to Portland, at my friends house. WELLLLL,,,,,,there was another idea in the works..I did not have enough time to get my things to Portland and be in Seattle at the time I was needed soooooo...I was a little ticked off by it all....but, since I know this is one of my areas...of taking me out of the "happy vortex", I LET GO and SURRENDERED..
I rented a storage unit in Seattle.
Put my stuff in it.
Will keep it up here until I find a place.
You see, I cannot take it all to Portland now, because I am a driver and am driving someone else to Portland..that is part of my job-in the work I am doing here to make the bacon.
There is NO ROOM IN THE CAR for his things and mine and all the other stuff too.!
Oh well, I got the storage place for a dollar.
Yes, ONE DOLLAR for this month.
We will see where this is taking me.
For now, the stuff is to be left in Seattle.
Peace, Love and Surrendering to WHAT IS!!

P.S. I am getting a bit tired of moving around. Oh, sorry...I embrace moving around. (forgot)

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