Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well, I made it to Seattle on Monday...getting here presented more challenges while coming through the mountains of Oregon. The cold temps and ice was still staring me in the face. I stayed in a small town called Baker and woke up to 1 degree temperatures. YEAH!!!! Oh well, I had all the winter garb, as any cold, old hippy would !!!!   I loaded myself up, once again, cranked up the radio and headed west for Seattle. I have  work in Seattle and will also be spreadin' the word about the power- balance bracelets too!!!..A nice finish to the trip was coming into King County, It was Heaven!! I really was blown away by all the beautiful trees and nature! Ski country and just right outside Seattle, to the east. Gorgeous  !!  I have added more pictures coming across Oregon..Burrr!..Once I finish the job in Seattle a week later I will be Portland bound to work there... Plan on taking two days and check out the spaces and places in the downtown area that may have old hippy chic's name written all over it. I am ready to land, just not sure if that is in the plan yet,,,!!! Flyin by the seat of my spirit, I send you love, peace and good vibes today!
                                            Old Hippy Chic

This is what one degree looks like.
East of Seattle-Morning has broken
November 29, 2010 

Pulled off to look at Trees and get FRESH AIR!!! Long, Long Drive..
3600 mi in 2 weeks.
 Headed the P.T. cruiser to the Carwash...........and what did I see?
Green Grass + Warm Temps + Droplets of Moisture on the Shield all ='s 
Now!   Where is Nordstroms? I want to sneak a peak at those hippy boots I have been seein' in my dreams every night.

Well Source delivered quickly...of course...I checked into my room,, changed my clothes, took myself out to dinner and guess what I saw? A sign that says the largest mall in Washington. 3 blocks away.
I went to go take a peek ...
Peace, Love and Hippy Boots,
Old Hippy Chic

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