Thursday, February 7, 2013

We want to wish our fellow hipster friends..

Six Days AWAY!

As you give your lovers, family and friends the Valentine LOVE VIBE... feel our LOVE TO YOU!!!
Embrace this "Blast from the Past" ditty....



As you know, this sight is all about individual experiences of  divine line-ups and all the synchronistic and serendipitous things that show up when we make it a priority "GET BACK" to doing the things we love, being in places that give us joy  and being with people that make us smile. When we surrender to WHAT IS and say "Yes" to life and allow a larger plan to unfold, so many beautiful things begin to happen. In the following weeks we will be sharing more stories and posting! Kathy's story about allowing "Easy World " at the DMV will be our next post so stay tuned!
 Peace, Love and Bliss... signed,
                    Two Old Hippie Chic's
K & C

  P.S.  If you have a magical story you want to share with us, questions, art, ideas or anything that gets dumped into your beautiful brain- do share!  Email us @

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The Get Back Experiment was formally the postings of only one old Hippie Chic, Cindy, me,,, and my adventures as I traveled to different places throughout the USA to find my JOY...."getting back" to doing things I love..Please keep this in mind if you read OLD postings....Kathy has now joined with me in this journey. I am off the road now and living in Vegas, but that does not mean the magical line-ups are not still happening! WE will be exploring and sharing with you our stories......


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