Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Easy World at the DMV

A True Story About Getting Back to Easy World!

When it became clear that my best friend and most intense love was going to die from illness, we began planning and making arrangements for the handling of his affairs. One of the items was the signing over to me of the car title.

We got out the title and my sweet friend signed his name in all the right places, but omitting the date due to our not really knowing any, well, specific date for anything. I would fill in the date later.

Well, my friend passed back into the spirit world and several months later, the opportunity to transfer the title came available. I researched the state’s DMV web site so I would be prepared for whatever documents I would need to present and a few I added on for good measure, such as the death certificate. Additionally, a VIN verification would be required, which is no problem, but requires an official to handle the title and look in the car at the VIN number. I was also transferring my residence from one state to another and so would be getting a new driver’s license and be registering to vote. And then there was the matter of the date………… I was nervous.

I purchased my car insurance and not having had insurance for several years due to not having had a car (a good thing, right?), it seemed a bit complicated at the agent’s office, and resulted in my receiving a higher rate – no accidents and no tickets and good credit, mind you, but of course, purchased the insurance because it’s the law.

So, armed with insurance and all the documents necessary, I headed over to the DMV in the nearby bigger town (our small town not having one) and enjoyed the drive through the high, mountainous desert.

Throughout this entire process, even from the day of the signing over of the title, in the recesses, an apprehension began to grow. The date would be invalid so submitting a false date would be a crime, and could be proven. I had a registration (current) from one state and a title from another. I found myself
creating a worse case scenario, up to and including, being arrested for committing fraud (geez) knowing that writing this story in my mind could manifest it in my physical world. So, every time I created the complicated scenario, I changed it into the smooth, no problems scenario – I did this many, many times – ha! Even
as I was driving through the beautiful desert on my way to the DMV, I was nervous and found my mind going to the undesirable story, but as many times as that happened, and more, I created the smooth, no problems scenario.

I imagined myself going into the DMV and spilling my guts, the entire story of my
friend’s death and why it took me so long to change the ownership, bla bla bla,
before the clerk even said one word. I have a bit of a problem with talking too
much in these sorts of circumstances, especially when I am nervous which makes
me appear nervous, so I just decided to tell the people what I needed and nothing

I encountered the desk that screens and sorts the clients according to what they
need to do and stood in a small line. I must have had a bit of a smile on my face
because a man came up to me and asked me why was I so happy? I said because I
love the DMV!!!!!!! with enthusiasm, and he laughed while others waiting in the
chairs looked over and chuckled. Even the stern woman handing out the sorting
numbers got a hint of a smile on her face. He asked me if I was married and I said
no, and he said well, that must be why I am so happy. We laughed and he
proceeded to tease other customers that he obviously knew, acting like a person
who was well known and well liked around town.

I was given a number and told to go get my driver’s license picture taken. There was no one in front of me waiting, good! The last state that issued me a driver’s license required that glasses be removed and smiles be prohibited. I was prepared for this in my new state and asked, do you need me to remove my
glasses? The pleasant young woman informed me that it was up to me but was not required. Whatever you want, she said. Okay to smile? I enquired? Yep, whatever you want, she assured me. I left my glasses on and gave a big smile and went over to the other waiting area as instructed to transfer the title and get my
new plates and registration.

There weren’t many people waiting so I spent my time imaging the good scenario, pleading with my friend in the spirit world to be with me on this one, and observing the various clerks – which one would I hope to get? The skinny guy who looked compassionate? The chubby Latina woman who smiled a lot? Definitely not the middle aged person who never smiled and looked angry. After a few minutes, I began to pay attention to the computer lady calling the numbers. Numbers were being called before mine and after mine, and just as I got up to tell someone that I think the computer lady made a mistake and forgot to call my number, my number was called. It told me to go to a clerk that I had not noticed while I was scrutinizing everyone. Hmmm –

The clerk I was assigned to was a lovely young woman named Carmelita. Carmelita was smiling as I sat down, waited until I put down my purse and folder filled with documents and arranged myself on the seat and asked how could she help me? She was so lovely that for a moment, I was a little caught off guard. How could I not have noticed this woman, I thought? I remembered to just say what I needed and nothing more and so told Carmelita that I needed to transfer a title and register a car. Also, I was getting a new driver’s license and already had my picture taken. Okay, she said. May I please have your old driver’s license and another form of I.D.? I gave her the license and my passport. She copied some numbers on a form and typed on the computer, punched a hole in my driver’s license and gave it back to me along with my passport. Do you have the title you wish to transfer? I opened my folder and took out the title. I had added a transfer date on the title so tried to quell my nervousness as I handed over the title. This was when I figured the VIN verification would be performed by a DMV employee, according to the web site, but the subject never came up. Never.

Carmelita again typed some numbers into the computer and 30 seconds later, my new title printed out right there at her desk and she handed it to me. Here’s your new title, she said. I was stunned. On to the car registration. Old registration and plates would have to be turned over, according to the web site, but neither were asked for. Information about the vehicle was taken from the title and entered into the computer. Would you like to register your vehicle for one, two or five years, she asked me? What? You can register your car for more than one year? No emissions test is required in this large, rural county. I chose the two year option, thinking how cool it would be to have a 2014 expiration date on my license plate.

Having visited the DMV web site and having noticed the several options for style of plate, I decided I wanted to purchase the cool looking save the environment plates and put my small contribution toward protecting the environment in my new state. And I’d like to get the environment plates too, I added to my request for a two year registration. Okay, said Carmelita. I have to go get your plates and she got up to go get the plates. I sat there and watched her walk off, unbelieving of how utterly uncomplicated and smooth the whole process had been.

Carmelita returned with the plates. That was so easy! I said, and just as I said it, we noticed the number of the plate – it was EZ 3031. We looked at each other and each gave a little laugh, but Carmelita’s look was one that said, I know you know what is going on here. I sat in disbelief. Seriously. She typed the plate number into the computer and printed out my current registration form to keep in the car. I see you have your insurance information with you, would you like me to take the information now? You have 30 days to turn it in but I can take it now since I see you have it in your folder there. Sure - I handed her the paper – she entered the information. Oh, and your driver’s license is ready, I’ll go get it for you, she said. She returned shortly with a driver’s license that had the best picture of me that has ever been taken. Could this be real? I mean, come on here…………

Do you need a screwdriver to change out your plates, she offered? I declined and she asked me if there was anything else she could help me with. She gave me a total, I paid her, put the receipt in my folder and thanked her. Wowza, but I didn’t say this out loud.

I walked out to my car thinking about what had just transpired, in less than an hour. Time and dimension warp, was what kept coming in. I wondered if Carmelita was even real, and actually started to return inside the DMV to see if she was still there, but stopped, not really wanting to know, but also, knowing……

p.s. Curious if the numbers 30 and 31 had any significance, I typed them into the search engine a few days later. According to ancient Hebrew texts, the number 30 corresponds to a human who has attained God like awareness while in human form. The number 31 corresponds to that which is beyond 30 - whoa

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