Monday, November 29, 2010

 This was the way it looked outside as I left my hotel to head across country for Oregon at 3 a.m. in the morning! Fresh Snow Everywhere. 1000 miles ahead...The guy that helped me load my bags in my car said  " Please be careful." Little did I know how important his wish for me was! Another sign.

Yesterday was an incredible experience! I was faced with surmountable challenges.
Notice, I did not say insurmountable. I am growing with this belief business. The snow and wind coming across Idaho was OUT OF FREAKIN CONTROL!!!! 
The roads were ice and snow covered and they closed 84 due to a huge car accident with a large pile up. The timing was perfect, as far as, me leaving at the time I did.  I was not in the pile. Dig that. I had to back track over 200 miles to take another route due to the fact that, that part of 84 would be closed for 24 hours! That 200 mile journey was fraught with more snow, ice, wind and cold, cold temperatures. My little car 'kept puttering along, as I am driving 35 miles an hour with the snow from the snow plows blowing into my face........ making it impossible to see. I was thinking it might be best to pull into a hotel and wait it out. I KNEW AT A DEEPER LEVEL- I was safe. The Universe has my back in all things and ALL IS WELL. I six-sense-or-eed..NO DANGER AHEAD!
Yes, most would say I am crazy and I am.
YEssssssss.....I wanted to keep moving!!!!!
A little later I thought about something else!
In my second to last post I said......"I would like to GET BACK my methodical, dependable self, but I think I lost her in all my travels...I am not sure the two even mix with a lifestyle that has me putting myself out there for divine intervention to do it's number on me"....WELL!! DID I GET IT BACK or WHAT!?????
Hey, Let's give her a hell of a storm and then she can see she IS, who she thinks she is NOT!!

It took both to GET ME HERE.

I stayed with the plan despite all the obstacles.
So the experiment continues.
Magic Happens.
Hey have you read that book called Magic or something by Wayne Dyer? An Oldie.
Me neither.
So with that thought in mind..
Where have you pinned yourself in a corner saying you WERE NOT THIS - OR THAT?
Watch how the Universe, God, Source will show you otherwise, watch for the SIGNS!!!!
So yesterday I got back to the truth if who I am.
Methodical and Consistent. 

Who Knew?

Thanks Kathy for reminding me of this, as well. Thanks Pam for talking me through the storm. I will never forget it! I find it comforting and I am extreemly grateful to know I have traveled all these miles and have had -not one single car problem, felt safe in every hotel and have seen - not one shady character. I also have met some of the nicest, helpful people. It is all good. Oh yes, almost forgot...  THANK YOU JESUS and Vogue Magazine.!!!!!

-Now for the current update-
It's 8:29 am
  I have driven about 3600 miles in the last two weeks and I am almost to Portland!!
YEAH!!!!!!!!! 200 miles to go! I will leave in about an hour!
I am in a happy hotel called the ALWAYS WELCOME INN!

Peace, Love,and REALIZATION into finding out we ARE, what we thought we were NOT.
Old Hippy Chic

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