Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gettin' Back to Posting 1st Day of New Year!!

Soooooo! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve! It is now New Years Day and 2011!!!! I thought it best to start out the day right and update the blog! 
Going to Experience A SLICE of HEAVEN in 2011
and sending the same to all my Hippie Friends!

Grahooovin!!!!  So much has happened since posting the slideshow below, about the messages I found in Portland! While I was working in Portland, I would occasionally look on Craigslist for apartments to rent, but I just wasn't feeling the vibe... the timing wasn't right to commit - ya know? (Gotta pay close attention to those feelings!!!)..A great thing happened though, before I came down here! I WAS able to bring my things down to Oregon and not have to leave them in Seattle!  Yeah!!!!!   A WAY opened up and I took them out of the storage unit and put them in my friends garage, She lives in Beaverton and that worked out perfect! So anyway, I respected this feeling about not getting a place yet...and decided it best to just make my way south. Christmas with my family would be at my mom's in Las Vegas.  I also wanted to take some time after Christmas to go to Phoenix to be with my daughter, her love and my grandson,  and see my friends . With all that on the plate,  the idea of actually settling seems far away, but I will move with what my heart is telling me..So I drove BACK down  to Vegas some 1300 miles,,,,,totaling now to about 5000 miles traveled since mid November and had a wonderful time with my family and my son and his girlfriend. I also had a wonderful "GET BACK" time with my friend Silvia, whom I met in Vegas some 13 years ago, when I we were doing interior designe work together at a local store! Wow! We spent the day together at "The Spa" at The Red Rock Resort where I was staying!  We talked each others ears off while we worked out,,,and enjoyed the incredible spa! Had some lunch and what a wonderful time to catch up on a very special friendship. She and her husband will always be great friends!  Jash and Sheva and I spent our Christmas together in their beautiful hotel room and downstairs at the Terra Rossa for dinner and afterwords reminiscing at a place called The Onyx Bar.. BEST OF ALL for me  was being able  to give them a present I had been wanting to give them for TWO YEARS!!! Tickets to The Beatles- Love. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL...They went on Monday night Dec, 27th night and I snapped some great photo's of them while they were opening the gift on Christmas! Jash got Sheva the most incredible vintage opera binoc's from Paris, France, as I gave him prior knowledge of their Christmas present.

I asked Jash what he wanted for Christmas this year and he said " Oh, just peace on earth mom..." so I made this....

              -THE PEACE Slideshow I made FOR MY KIDS-
                                      Starring Them

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    See you in Arizona next! 

    Peace, Love and A SLICE of HEAVEN I send to YOU in 2011!

                                   Signed, Old Hippy Chic

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