Saturday, January 29, 2011


Made it to Portland two days ago....checked myself into - Yep, you guesster! America's Best Inn and Suites! The rates, as I told you before, are lovely. Here they are like a full apartment, living room, kitchen, bedroom....for as little as $60. On - line you can get them for about $40! Wow, the salesman in me is making it's appearance known already and it isn't even six in the morning. Ahhhh whatever! I move out of here today, as I scored a great pad to live in! I will be sharing a house with a couple. I feel really good about this situation and it is one block from my all-time favorite strip of shops, restaurants and other business. It is in the exact location that I wanted to be in! Grahoooovin!!!!! I will give you a sneak peek at my space. It is a two room suite (sweet) situation with my own bathroom, on the downstairs level. My new friends live on the upper floor...I FEEL it is going to be a great place to hang my hippie hat for the time being.....which by the way I found one at a very cool consignment  store in Weed, California on my way up! Ride On! 

My Bedroom

My Bathroom

Office and Personal Living Space for Me to Write, do Art and Blog to You!!!!

Dining and Living Room

That's Ernie, the dog in the Kitchen

-Place for cooking some Healthy CLEAN Meals-
So you see....I was telling you about my feelings in my January 8th blog that I was not feeling the vibe every time I would go on Craigslist to look for a place. Well now I know why! I had a strong pull to look on Craigslist when I was in Laguna Beach, at my friends house Phil and Judy's this past I did and followed the feeling!!!

Soooo the New Pad is in gear....
Been about a year in the making and now it is finally happening!
The great thing about this place and the synchronicity that I found the minute I walked into the space. 
When I was in Phoenix, I went shopping with my friends, Pam, Cam, and Trish.
I found the most awesome pillows!!!!!
It was then that I decided I would make my space in Portland reflect the vibe of the pillows,
I bought the pillows, a tassel, some beaded bracelets ( 5 ) ( even though I did not know what I was going to use these for... ) and I went so far as to get myself some QUEEN brown sheets, a LIME GREEN furry hipster blanket and 3 lantern type deals that I envisioned hanging from a chain from the ceiling with candles in them for the ambiance I desired while meditating...So anyway, I am unpacking my stuff and I realize a PERFECT MATCH energetically. The Bed is a Queen. The Sofa is LIME green. All the colors co-ordinate and the place is fully furnished.....which is what I need since I came with only my stuff,,,no furniture!
WOW!!! I was psyching into the space before I even got there!
We all can do this...JUST LET GO AND ALLOW...
Follow what gives you Passion.
Trust your Vibes.

So now I best be getting off of here and packing up the rest of my stuff and taking the last bit of my things to the new pad and heading the Mothership to Tacoma to make a buck.

Can't wait to share with you all the DIVINE LINE-UPS that are ahead.

Will be so nice to be planted and work out of my new space.
May you allow your  day to be full of divine interventions,
the right people, place, situations will appear to give you your best life.
Let Go...Love What Is...And BE VERY KIND TO YOURSELF!
Peace, Love and Soft Landings,
                                                           Signed, Old Hippie Chic

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