Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Good Morning to YOU!! Grooviness Abounds.
Yesssss! What we have here are bloggings, loggings, whatever it is called these days... of an old hippie chic's search to get back to where she once belonged. That be me. I have had a idea in my head that WILL NOT leave me came to me while I was working a festival, this fall...each day as I would set out in my car to get to our booth, I was always greeted by the most beautiful sunrises...!!!!!!  A wake-up call of this kind, coupled with what I will call  "THE GET BACK EXPERIMENT IDEA" was grabbing my attention each day! It consists of this..Oh by the way,..... let me clue you in..I am into peace, love and oneness, but I am also into the a belief that says I am the creator of my reality...all that is in MY world. So I have been trying for 40 years to figure out how to "BE IT" so I could "SEE IT"...This process of "being it" has led me into some pretty crazy places, but the one that grabbed my attention the most is a lttle thing called "The Law of Attraction"...Aka LOA..stumbling upon this gem of knowledge I realized I had, had it a bit twisted up...I needed to SEE IT Lennon said" IMAGINE IT"...and then I would "BE IT"!!!!.So this is what these bla..bla loggings will be about!!!!   If you are not familiar with the law of attraction I will give you a quickie. Basically... "That which is likened to itself the same will be drawn to it" - that was a little rough o.k.... how ' bout this..Ahhh..."thoughts, words and deeds which produce feelings..... are like magnents drawing to them,  more of the same"  ( you know the routine ) here goes ..The GET BACK EXPERIMENT!!!!! Follow me as I test the powers that be to deliver –BACK TO ME-  the things I loved and gave me joy. Pretty freakin’ simple. Kinda Groovy, maybe?
 The “Get Back” Experiment

I am on a quest to get back the treasured things I have lost, forgot about, given away, ruined, sold, pawned or or pitched to the wind.,. These things are not only of a physical nature but things that gave me feelings of joy, things I loved to do and habits that made me happy!.
I'm 53 now and I have decided it is high time I get happy...oh and I also need a new life. This “ Get Back” business all started with an experience I had in an airport in Minneapolis which I will share in my next posting…anyway..In looking at why I did this- ”- I have decided it was either because I deemed myself unworthy or I was too busy BUYING my stairway to heaven, perhaps both.  I also think I was taking myself repetitively and frequently down a journey of the opposite to help me define the “ I don’t wants” of life, so I could get right down to the business of the “ I  really wants ” and who the hell I really am.  Contrast is the best teacher I have come to believe, even though it is a bitch at times…anywho!!!! A little thing called the law-of-attraction, source, God,…. is what I am calling upon to deliver this to me. I will be traveling across country…toward the western sky, by car, plane and god only knows what other means of transport…. and will be bla bla logging to you about the synchronistic events that line up to bring me this best life,  (if I can keep my “valve” open, my energy flowing and say “YES” to WHAT IS.) … I will relate the experiences through stories, photographs, perhaps a song, .....  I don’t know...I am just going to let it all roll, as it is intended to….wide open, surrendering and applying what principles I believe in….There is something though....I will tell you that I do know…As I seek out the things that give me joy, ....ask  “source”  to deliver them to me in a fashion that is best for me, I know I must say  “yes”  to the experiences that are presenting themselves to me and not try to control outcomes or just sit in a vibe of resistance,,,,automatic valve closer..I must also keep my eye focused on love and allowance. When that fearful voice of doubt invades the lonely spaces in my brain I will gently guide her into trusting in this  “GETTING BACK EXPERIMENT”.  My deepest intention is to reveal just how pertinent and powerful our lives can be when we learn to flow our energy correctly, see ourselves as “deliberate creators” and EMBRACE  what is happening RIGHT- HERE, RIGHT NOW…Sure it can bring “stuff” but most importantly to me, I believe, it can bring us healing, miracles and light to some very dark places with-in...Oh well,  as I pack for this journey I leave you with this thought…God, Source, LOA, Spirit, whatever your “verbage of containment” is…. Has Our Back…….if we will but decide to “Get Back” to where we once belonged. Hey Joe Joe!!!!!!!   What da ya say?    Let’s see if this stuff really works, K ?  Sweet Loretta, you wanna join in too?  Ready - Set- Turn the music up and lets move it all to a vibe of joy, freedom, power, love, peace, and authenticity...It is a quest of a different kind. It is my quest. It may be yours too.
                                                  Peace and love and stuff,
                                                    Just an Old Hippie Chic

P.S.  If you have a magical story you want to share with me, questions, art, ideas or anything that gets dumped into your beautiful brain- do share!  Email me @…….


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