Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jesus Christ and Vogue Magazine

Sometimes we get insight into who we really are and how we tick by what others say to us about themselves.....! I have always been what I call a DEEP VIEWER....If it is a movie, a book, an experience...I always look for the underlying message..the depth that is there, covered up by the apparent, the obvious.... At times in life I have had someone tell me a story about themselves or say a one liner and my mind will immediately shift to a thought that says..."there is a message in this for me, I must listen up! "  Here is a story that gave me some real insight into my " GETTING BACK " goes....

Old Hippy Chic has spent the last week with her old mother in Las Vegas. My father used to call it Lost Wages. I think the title is fitting, although lot's of money has been made there, especially by him. He passed away five years ago and I miss him...He was a different kind of a dude and gambler. He played craps and would go into a casino called, The Suncoast and play until he was up $50 and then leave. I asked him why he didn't try to win more and he said this. "Old Hippy Chic, ( not really!! hahahaha ) I come here and make my $50 and leave, but I do it consistently and this gives your mother and I money for our food and gas for the day. I figure taking a bit away from them all week long is easier on me and them..I very rarely lose with this plan." I thought that was an interesting way to gamble. He also said this about life. 

" Figure out what you LOVE to do and then work the hell out of it and you will be successful. " 

He was very methodical, dependable and reliable. What he said he was going to do, he did. I like that! I would like to " GET BACK "  my methodical, dependable self, but I think I lost her in all my travels...I am not sure the two even mix with a lifestyle that has me putting myself out there for divine intervention to do it's number on me...but it may!. It is just enough methodical-ness that I am even still writing in this blog. It was not in the plan to blog last week as mother didn't have internet.. Oh, and get this!! Once again I did write to you about the story of Black Beauty (My Nikon Camera) and the~ Minneapolis Airport Experience~ that actually sparked the idea for this blog, but lost the whole thing AGAIN!  I decided I am not going to even entertain the "why's of that. I will just "know" that it is part of a whole plan I am not aware of - always is- it seems..(sigh). Well, back to my old mom..yep, she is old. Ninety-two and we had a week of fun together. The second  day I was there,...she had me laughing so hard I fell on the floor. Seriously. It goes like this..The day before, I bought her her a lamp that she wanted, that I needed to be put together..I walked in her room to talk of the plan for the day and I could tell she was excited over the prospect of having a new lamp at her sitting station..She began to tell me where she was going to place it and thought the colors would be perfect matching the drapes and chair etc...!! Her eyes were lighting up!!! I said " Mom, amazing what a little design will do for you!!! Your on fire!!! She looked at me very serious and said, Cynthia, there is something you need to know about me. I said " what? ", thinking to myself, "Oh boy, here we go".. then she says,

" I am a two dimensional being. I love Jesus Christ and Vogue Magazine..."

Well, the next thing I know I was picking myself off the floor...Too funny.. My parents were both characters and the reason I am telling you all this is becau as I look deeper into these two messages from the two people that made me, I realized something...I love Jesus and Vogue Magazine too..and I will take dads' advise and combine art with spirituality and work the hell out of it...! Where is that damn easy button? was all a real "getting back" moment for me in recalling these two messages and I tell you because SOMETIMES WHEN WE ARE SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS to our BIGGEST QUESTIONS they come out of the someone else's mouth.. Listen to everything! You never know!

Ok, So have a "get back" experience today will ya? Share with me your stories of insight- Please?
Peace, Love and Methodical-ness,
Old Hippy Chic

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