Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saying "yes" to not being in the freakin flow....just not ready to go...

Yes...the truth is I woke up at 1:30 this morning. It is 3:39. I played around on facebook, had high plans to load up the car and go,,found this video on Tony Arnoold's FB page - and I decided I am not really in the freakin flow..I am tired, restless and in resistance to taking off now. In fact I have been in a lot of resistance to taking off on this trip...I am deciding I do not have to know why or try to FIGURE it out,,,,I think I will try to sleep some more and maybe I will have a better feel on this later. I feel "Off" I am going to say "Yes" to that feeling instead making myself do something I am not in the mood to get in my car and drive 2000 miles. I am sure there is a good reason, I just don't know what it is right now. Later.

Oh and another thing...I wrote about a "Get Back" experience I had that started this whole project,,,,,at the airport in Minneapolis about 6 weeks ago and it was a long story...for you. I went into my documents to retrieve it, only to find that I had had not saved it after I wrote it..nice!

I think I would like to throw a hissy fit. Seriously.
Oh and another thing, It took me a long time to write it.
I guess some things are not meant to be. I will try to delete my need to know why.
Still piss' me off.
Oh and another thing, Candie and I made a video for the blog and I went to download it in here this morning also and it wouldn't download....I will just say this...
Only place I am " gettin back" to now is La La Land and see if I can move this lower frequency I got goin' on.....up a few notches.

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