Monday, November 15, 2010

Break Open-Be Free- Get Back to who you were meant to be...

Good Morning! The “get back” experiment is well underway! I drove about 10 hours yesterday leaving at noon from “ The Tuck”!! THE "Get Back" moment I had yesterday was  this absolutely beautiful OPENING in the sky. I listened and felt the message it was giving me and it was this..

Break open.
Be free.
Begin to express who you really want to be.
It's really quite easy.
Just stop trying to make it into what you think it should be.

So I was given a place yesterday in my heart that took me once again ….back to nature and the BEAUTY! Again my photography joy was calling my name…it was perfect too..why? When I finished loading my car, I layed my big camera, (I will call her “Black Beauty”) right beside my seat..A part of me knew I would be seeing something incredible. I promise I will be posting soon my story about how I met “ Black Beauty” and that Minneapolis airport “get back”  divine line-up. For now enjoy!!! I am pushing off once is 4:30 am on Monday and we will see what “get back” experience's today brings! Hope you are getting to experience your joy!!! If not, put it on the list! Peace and Love Man!
                                                                       Just and old hippie chic!


  1. love that you and black beauty are ok! She's your Ruby! Be safe-and the sky is beautiful!

  2. I never thought of that!!She is my RuBy!!!! Now I don't mis her quite so much! Thanks Ruralin!

  3. I love the story about black beauty! Great sky pic, btw.


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