Sunday, November 28, 2010

Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs...Revealing strong messages to us..Always.

I see signs all the time in my travels and I really dig signs..I think they are fun messages that we get along the path that may or may not reveal to us things we need to know or at least think about.  Sometimes it may be an animal crossing our path. An actual sign. It may even, as I said in my last post.. WORDS from someone that we KNOW were meant for us!

 One of the places I stopped to chat with some folks yesterday..had a sign sitting on the counter that said. 
I shit you not. No the sign did not say that it said...

You are Lucky..Especially over there.
.(they probably got it from a casino or something) but for me, it meant..
I am lucky and will be especially lucky OVER THERE...
the sign was facing...WEST! The direction I was headed so we will see now won't we?

Signs, Signs. Everywhere are signs.

Sooo.......when I hopped in my car, after reading that sign, I got me a pen and paper and I made up my own little sign.
it read..,,,,
Thank you Lord for thinkin' bout me, I alive and doin' fine. Signs, Signs, everywhere are signs, blockin up the scenery, breakin my mind..

Look for signs today - what are they revealing to you!??? Then share, won't you?

Peace, Love and Signs,
Old Hippy Chic

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