Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where's My Easy Button!!!

Easy Street Hotel is what I might call this story- here goes, ignore my mistakes..
Don’t you love it when they leave the lights on for you?
The 2nd time I was in Portland with my son, which was in April of this year,  he found us a place to stay called America’s Best Quality Inn and Suites for a ridiculously low price. The place was a two bedroom apartment for like $39 a night. Kitchen, laundry, breakfast, pool, hot tub, wireless, everything!!!! The business card to this place showed up in the easy way…. before I took off on this trip. I tucked it away and then actually forgot where  the tuckage took place.  You see…this is the deal..I get divine help, but I don’t always know where I put it, and I lose the things I am given….probably because sometimes they come so easily that I may subconsciously think they will just show up again when needed..well, interestingly enough is a story for you about getting something back and pure proof that Source, God, Universe-whatever your verbage of containment is…had MY BACK…,,,Ah ha! Now we are seeing why I would create a blog called GET BACK..….Anyway I took the card showing up as a sign to stay at these hotels in my upcoming travels. When I was FINALLY on the road, I forgot the whole thing completely and was tired and had resorted to Hotel 6 mentality. That is where I stayed the first night and no, they did not leave the flippin' lights on for me, but I was to damn tired to care…the next day, I was pulling up to a gas station in Lincoln, Nebraska and BIG AS LIFE was a hotel calling my name…it said America’s Quality Inn and Suites! I am looking in my car for my big red easy button, because I had forgotten and the universe had MY BACK once again on this..Not ready to stop, but wanting a list of their hotels, I went in and was given the list.  Nope, the area I was thinking of stopping for the night, did not have one. Oh well! I asked her if I could just double check on their hotel computer to be sure and she said “yes” I sat down and goggled it! It came up, great and it was $39 a night!!! I told her and she informed me that America’s Best Inn’s and Suites had no affiliation with them. Well, now I am thinking maybe that one in Portland was lacking the word quality and this was the one I was actually looking for. I asked her how much her suites were per night and she said $60…I said Oh, OK.  ( I thought to myself…I want $39!!!! ) This is my script and $39 is my price.. I left, got in my car and thought..that’s the one I want but, I am tired of this and I will look it up when I get to there..I didn’t even grab the phone number from the website…hell, for all that matters I may want to pitch my tent….too confusing..amazing what a small word like quality or lack thereof can do to my brain. … So I am heading down the road, seeing for miles and miles and miles and miles listening to some really great rock and roll tunes between Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming and I decide I am ready to lay it down for the night. I take the exit and begin to head into town and see many hotels in the distance.and there is the Motel 6 sign - yeah!!...Lookin for the light!! I had forgotten once again about that Quailty Inn business !!!!! Wow! Well, this is what happened next and it is true!!!..I was in a lane that veered to the right and took me off on this crazy path under a overpass and dumped me off on a dark street…great! Kinda freaky now, do I turn right or left? I say right so, right it is!!! BAM!!! On my right there is this sign staring me square in the face, guess what it says….

AMERICA’S BEST INNS and SUITES….NO FREAKIN WAY.!!!! I whip in there while saying outloud…OMG thank you!! Pull in to the circular driveway, walk in and say!!! WOW! Funny how I found you! Tell the dude my story, his name is Lee and he sets me up with a place right by the office,  ground level, queen four poster bed and my car is parked right outside my right there for my viewing pleasure.AND- $49 !!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!  OH and guess what!  THE LIGHT WAS ON IN THE ROOM!!!!!  Yeah!!! Now this my friend, is what I am talking about when I say, when we get in the flow, open our valve the universe, god, source will have our back. Get out of our way and stop RESISTING what is~~~So as I toddled into La La land with all the good vibrations around me I asked myself  "What did I do that helped aid it’s deliverance?"….this is what I came up with. I took lot’s of great pictures yesterday, hanging my camera out the window. I listened to great music for hours. I didn’t shame myself for eating whatever I wanted. I listened to some inspirational Cd’s from the “You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay”  conference that I went to years ago. I was singing and FEELING SO GOOD- All Day!!! HIGH VIBEN!!! I will have to admit I also was dealing with ole “Lefty” brain battle voice that I finally let go of and lefty does this to me... keeps wanting to figure out where I was going to sleep…..kept giving me a list of requirements for the room and hotel. Like price, location, size, amenities etc. FEAR would sneak in…like what if I can’t find one..stupid stuff. Keeps givin me hell because I am such a space cadet. I kept listening to that babble and I finally said- STOP!!! Enough! Cease, Hold and Assist or is that Desist???
I don’t know, but WHATEVER!!! …I don’t need to feel guilty because I walked out of that hotel and didn’t scratch that number down. I also refuse to feel like a loser because I suffer from misplaced tukage disorder!!!! “I will end up staying in the perfect location and it will have everything I need..if it is missing a few of the things I think I need then it will have something else I didn’t think of!!!!”  Yes, I  MUST overlay the contradictory thought with WHAT I WANT!! I realize how lefty wears me out and I just tell myself " I will be led to the right place." AMEN…now back to listening to THE WHO.   I had to say this repeatedly, as the voice of reason would not leave me know, So I stayed in my bliss and not only was I led to a great was the place I wanted to be…So the experiment continues and I would say it is working out quite nicely! Wouldn’t you? I GOT BACK the hotel that I wanted to stay in, yet lost the card and info twice...! This experiement is showing me something VERY IMPORTANT ALSO!!   When we just stay in our high vibe - that is the space- vibrational place that the delivery, easy delivery, of what we want can be delivered to us...Can’t wait to see what is next…!!!!!! I want to hear your stories about letting it go and having it boom- a – rang back to you!!!!! Please? Til next time..
                                                    Peace, Love and Quality.
                                                    The Windy Hippy Princess                 

PS. I know this is long and I need an editor ….NEXT!
Ps.s. That was easy.

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